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O2S vs. SharePoint - Upload files from network share

Have you ever tried to upload some files from network share direct over Internet Explorer to SharePoint 2013? The result will be not what you expected:  

Error SharePoint Upload from network share

Of course the upload over SharxX Office 2 SharePoint direct over outlook is also working from a network share. Drag&Drop - viola 

O2S Upload from network share

O2S vs SharePoint - easily resize columns

If there is lot of information stored in SharePoint then views can easily look like this : 

SharePoint Resize Column

Would it be nice if user can resize the columns as they are used to like in Excel? In SharxX Office 2 SharePoint (O2S) this is now possible - 

SharxX O2S Resize Column

O2S vs SharePoint - Multi Lookup-Field rendering improvement

Have you ever had the problem in SharePoint that your view looks like this (one field e.g. multi-lookup or multiline text field with lot of data in it): 

Multilookup SharePoint - Problem with lot of values

Of course user are not really happy with this - think about a mail library with lot of mails with CC Receipients and you only see one mail each page. Now we implemented a solution for this in SharxX Office 2 SharePoint (O2S) and we think that your users will love this

 MultiLookup O2S with tool tip

Of course filtering for one or multiple values is working.