Office 2 SharePoint now supports ADFS

The new version 3.3.3 of SharxX Office 2 SharePoint now supports ADFS authentication and therefore single-sign-on far beyond the boundaries of the individual enterprise is possible. E.g. an authentication from a local active directory user in Office 365 will be now possible without providing additional user and password data. 

Through this software parameters ADFS for Office 2 SharePoint over e.g. software deployement can be configured:  

  <!-- Optional. One or more ADFS Realms speparated by ';'. -->
  < Overwrite="True" Value=""/>

  <!-- Optional. One or more ADFS servers for authenticating the user separated by ';'. -->
  < Overwrite="True" Value=""/>

A good guide for ADFS and the possibilities you can find here -

If you have additional questions for ADFS you can reach us over (also if you have questions about installing and configuration ADFS or implement your own ADFS provider) 

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